Get A Do-follow Link From Google

For: Beginners – Intermediates

If you want to be successful in your link building efforts, there’s one thing you need to be doing.

Building unique, DIFFERENT links.

Well, we have the typical, well known links:

  • web 2.0
  • social bookmarks
  • profiles
  • social signals
  • video links
  • outreach
  • pbn links
  • and so on…

These links, when used correctly, should work great. But the thing is everyone knows about these links. For example, web 2.0’s are so well known that everyone seems to build them for their sites. Again, nothing wrong with this but a healthy, strong backlink profile should consist of links that are hard to obtain. Generally speaking, the harder a link is to acquire, the better that link is for your site.

This is why I’m constantly working on R&D, running custom scripts and bots that go out there looking for these harder to obtain link opportunities. We’ve managed to find a shit load of rare and unused platforms where you can place your links.. and the good thing is these links are do-follow.


While I’m not going to share them all (for obvious reasons), I will be sharing a few over the next few months. The first link is a do-follow link placement on the Google Chrome web store. Click here to see an example of the link (this link was only just created so it’s not indexed as of yet; I don’t force index these either – but they do index).

I’ve very rarely had these links taken down since there isn’t really much of a spam check (I’ve known about these links since 2014 and in the last 4 years there has been no changes) but obviously don’t try to build a link to your hack/warez/pharma/adult/casino site since the chances of your link being taken down are a lot higher. I’m also well aware that creating this post will mean more people will be using this link building method but I’m cool with this.. we’ve been using this for a very long time now and we have plenty more rare platforms that many don’t know about. As mentioned above, this method has been around for a very long time but I don’t think many people know about it.

Let’s break down the link:

Essentially we’re submitting an extension on Google Chrome’s web store.


In terms of results, we’ve seen positive effects after adding these links – but only when used with other links. If you’re expecting this link to skyrocket you from NA to #1, you’re wrong. However, what I can guarantee you is most people don’t know about these links so you get a slight advantage in that sense. It’s also a great addition to your backlink profile since it’s a harder to obtain link.

First things first, to acquire this link it’s going to cost you $5. This is what Google charges for a “submission” to the web store. The $5 will get you an allowance of 20 submissions – so that means you’ll be able to create up to 20 listings for a very little price.


As shown in the screenshot above, you’ll receive 2x do-follow links. The great thing is you can even target your exact anchor if that’s something you’d like to do. In the above example, the exact anchor would be “seo forum” and the brand anchor would be “Website”. You get the best of both :)

The link will index over time – or you can force index them but that isn’t necessary from experience. Take a look at all the other extension pages on the web store and you’ll notice most of them are indexed so getting these indexed shouldn’t be a problem.

Right, let’s get straight into this.

1. Create a fresh Gmail account

I recommend creating a fresh Gmail account. This means you’ll be able to use that account specifically for this link building method. Once you’ve created an account, log in and then click here to be taken to the Google Chrome web store for extensions.

You should see something like this:


Now click here to be taken to the developer dashboard. Make sure you’re signed in!

IMPORTANT: Once you’re inside your dashboard, scroll to the bottom where it says “Your Developer Account”. You’ll see “Edit your developer display name:”. Edit this to whatever you want, for example you might want to input your money keyword/exact anchor.


2. Open a new tab

Open a new tab and go to This site will basically take away all the hassle of having to create the required files for a correct developer app submission. I’m not going to go into the details of all that – we don’t need to know. We just want the link!

Once on the site, click “Browser action” and then scroll down and click “Download it!”

That’s it.


You should now have a downloaded .zip file. If it’s not a .zip then it will be a folder instead and the contents of the folder should look like this:


If the contents of your folder/zip look like the above, you’re doing everything correctly! Not long now…


3. Open another tab

Open a new tab again (3 in total now) and head over to

Click “Open”, “Open from disk” and then select the file named “manifest.json” from the zip/folder you downloaded in Step 2.




Once you’ve loaded the “manifest.json” file, we’re going to be editing the following:


For example, after editing, here’s what mine looks like:


Now click on “Save” and “Save to disc”.


Take this newly downloaded file and replace it with the existing “manifest.json” file. Now compress all the contents into a .zip. We’ll be uploading this .zip file to the Google Chrome web store.


4. Back to Tab #1 (Google Developer Dashboard)

Click “Add new item”, agree to the Terms of service and then upload the .zip file.


In the box that says “Detailed description”, you’ll need to enter your main content. It’s important that the content here is optimized for the keyword(s) you’re trying to rank. Go with minimum 350 words. You can enter up to 16,000 characters in this box. We usually use fresh, unique content but maybe duplicate content would work as well – that’s something you’d need to try.

For the icon, head over to, search for an icon based on your niche and download it as a PNG in size 128 x 128 pixels. Upload this icon.


For the screenshots image, you could either take a screenshot of your site (make sure the size of the screenshot is 1280 x 800 – I recommend using or you could search for an image using Google images, but make sure the image size is exactly 1280 x 800.

Now scroll down to “Websites” and this is where you’ll be entering your money site URL. Feel free to add an additional URL if you’d like.


Once done, also select your category from the list of options they provide.

Now scroll down to the bottom and click “Publish Changes”. You will then be asked to complete the $5 payment. Once you’ve paid, you’ll be redirected back to your dashboard. Click “Publish” and that’s it!


It usually takes around 20-30mins before your extension is published in the web store. As long as your site isn’t in a toxic niche (adult, hacking, warez, etc) your listing should be live for a very, very long time. As I mentioned at the start, these links do index as you can see from all the other listings on the web store. Just give it time – or you can force index them as well if you’re not a fan of waiting.

These links aren’t going to do anything crazy to your rankings but they’re a very nice addition to your backlink profile for a small cost of $5. You can also click “Add new item” to create more listings so you can target different pages on your site and really make things diverse. For just $5, you can create 20 listings and each of those listings will contain 2x do-follow links. That’s 20 links with the anchors you specify and 20 links with the branded anchor “Website”. For $5… no brainer really! Wouldn’t you rather spend $5 on this than on a crappy Fiverr gig?


I have 50+ platforms and link opportunities like this which others don’t have a single clue about! For my next post, I’ll show you exactly how to get a do-follow, branded link on one of the strongest sites on the Internet.


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