Adsense Approval Trick 2018

Is Adsense approval difficult? If yes, then read this post about Adsense Approval Trick and get your Adsense account. People are looking for Adsense Approval, and somehow at some extent, it is getting harder day by day. In this post, I’ll share the best Adsense approval Trick that will help you to make money from Adsense. Google has changed his policies and terms of conditions, and it varies from country to country.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an official network launched  Google to run ads on the website, share content, monetized it and generated revenue. It produces the commercials. Google uses cookies to display relevant and high quality and new ads to the user so the publisher can earn a high amount of revenue. It is an official network of Google without any trust issues. So if you get Adsense Approval, you can efficiently work on it.

Why Google Adsense?

Why are people looking for Google Adsense Approval Trick? Admittedly, there are several reasons. I want to share specific reasons why should you go for Google Adsense. First of fall here is the list which helps you in understanding this question. Also, I’ll share my personal experience in the end.

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How to Get Google Adsense Account Approval:

It seems like you are getting disapproved while applying Adsense? If yes then you are in the right place. So to approve your Adsense Account in 2018, you need to make your Adsense account SEO Friendly and Google Friendly. While Google only accepts those blogs and websites which complies with its policies and term of conditions, due to this factor you need to make a perfect matching blog.

Adsense Approval Trick / Method:


So if you are willing to have Google Adsense account approval on the first attempt you need to do several things I mentioned below:

  • Buy Top Level Domain

If you are applying on a domain which is free or of no value, never wish to get Adsense account approval. Similarly, if you are sending authorization using a Top Level Domain like .com .net .org, then you can quickly get Adsense account Approval. Basically, a top-level domain lays a foundation to your blog and help you to improve your rankings. Despite if you are using a free subdomain, then in future you might get approval, but Google will block it soon.

  • Quality and Genuine Content


So are you looking for the most common factor which googles counts while reviewing your website? Yes, Quality content and genuine content will never disappoint you while aiming to get Adsense approval. Remember one thing

Content is king


Google love to advertise on those blogs which have quality content and perfect keyword selection. I have seen many cases in which Google replies with “Site does not compile with Google Policies.” It is because of the low quantity content.

  • Clear Blog Title and Description

Google recommend those blogs which have a clear and definite goal what they want to deliver to the user. Similarly, if you use a clear Blog Title which clearly defines about what your’s blog about then you have high chances of getting Adsense approval. A high-quality content along with clear blog title and description could say as Adsense approval trick in 2018.

  • Important Pages:

First, of fall focus on creating some pages like Contact Us, About us and privacy policy pages which clearly defines about your blog, why do you create a blog, what is the purpose behind it and what things you are going to insert in it. Create a proper contact us form or provide real details.


Tip: Provide details you used to register your domain, make sure to add the contact form.


  • Domain Age:

Is domain age matter? Yes, of course, I have seen some instances in which people are getting approval within two months and even not getting after six months? There are certain factors, but domain age matters a lot. Your site must be at least one month old, so in that time you have some good traffic along with all indexed post. Moreover, you must have to wait for each post to get crawl by Google.

  • Theme or Design should be user-friendly

To Get Adsense approval fast in 2018, You must use a theme or template which has a clear design. Too many widgets may result in disapproval. So use a clean and neat idea or template.

  • Audit your site before Applying:

When you are ready to apply for Google Adsense, make sure you audit your website or blog, this will help you to increase your chances of getting approval fast. Remember everything I mentioned above and you are done with it or not? Don’t rush and hurry, Keep calm, analyze your website and then send a clear approval to Google.

  • Apply with Real Information:

When you are going to apply for Google Adsense, make sure you have your real information with yourself and use them. Do not ever thinks to apply with fake details. Google can ask about the details verification at any time and you might get caught and banned by approval. Apply on the real information and don’t risk to waste your hard work.


Final Words:

Well If you interested in getting Adsense Account approval, do follow the steps I mentioned above and then the most important thing is quality traffic? Yes, Quality Traffic from search engines increases your chances to 100 times more, remove other advertisement networks and remove unnecessary widgets like traffic counter. Do not risk your passion, Work hard and comment your reviews, your feedback highly values for us.

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